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Detox Centers in Naperville provide a safe and medically supervised process for people who want to take the first step toward recovery. The process of detoxification, often referred to as detox, goal is to take away drugs and toxins from the body, however it is very important to remember the difference between detox and rehab.  Detox alone is not treatment. Although a few people may find the prospect of detox intimidating, Detox Naperville takes each and every precaution to ensure detox is secure and suitable for each and every client. Detox requirements differ from person to person, and lots of times the ‘cold turkey’ method isn’t appropriate. At these detox facilities, detox is a customized process for each and every patient, and detox techniques are safe and proven. Contact Detox Naperville to speak with a compassionate detox specialist.  Call (630) 320-6733 now!

What to Expect from Detox

Detox Naperville offers an extremely individualized detox procedure, however there are three normal stages that their clients can expect. It is very important to first evaluate each and every client so as to analyze which drug, or drugs, are being abused. It is typical for addicts to abuse multiple substances, on occasion together with alcohol, which is able to change the detox strategies the client requires. After the client is evaluated, Detox in Naperville begins the process of detoxifying the client’s body from all harmful substances. Although detox breaks the physical addiction to drugs, detox does nothing to rehabilitate the client, or help in preventing future relapse.  Detox Naperville strongly encourages clients to continue into a rehab treatment program which will ready them to combat addiction on their own.

Why Treatment Is Important

Co-occurring psychological issues may complicate the recovery process if not correctly diagnosed and properly addressed in treatment. After detox, and without additional encouragement, addicts can easily find themselves in situations where they might abuse drugs or alcohol again. Relapse happens more regularly when detox is used alone, and when addicts find themselves in the similar situations and locations where their drug and alcohol use was once heaviest. Recovery is a lot more effective while the addict removed from the environment that triggers their addictive behavior.


Relapse is a lot more commonplace when people take part in detox only, so Detox Naperville encourages their clients to precede right into a 28-day, 60-day, or 90-day rehab programs to start drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Rehab supports detox, encouraging the recovering addict to stay clean and sober.  Group and individual counseling, access to the 12-step community, wholesome diversions and physical activities, and beautiful, relaxing accommodations all contribute to the recovery process. Clients keep busy with programs designed to assist them achieve their objectives, while remaining at ease, as a way to cut back the stress that, in the past, resulted in abuse of drugs or alcohol.

Take the First Step Today!

Detox is most effective as first step when followed by drug or alcohol rehabilitation treatment programs. Facilities that treat addiction with detox are not able to support their clients past step one, however Detox Naperville is aware that their clients can preserve a sober and wholesome lifestyle beyond detox with the assistance of a rehab program. While detox may briefly improve the wellbeing of the body, it does nothing to treat the underlying, psychological problems behind drug and alcohol abuse. Without rehab, there’s a much higher possibility of relapse.  Detox Naperville, Illinois believes in giving their clients the techniques to battle addiction, and wants them to stay clean and sober for the remainder of their life. Speak with a detox professional about taking step one towards sobriety.  Call (630) 320-6733 now!