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Drug Rehab Naperville were actually pleasant and welcoming.
Even though I was embarrassed to be there, and somewhat afraid of what it could be like, all the people at Drug Rehab Naperville were actually pleasant and welcoming. I was very surprised to have people calling me by name on my first day there. Everyone there at least gave the impression of being sincere and serious about sobriety.I didn’t wish to share, partially because I was embarrassed of my behavior while I was using. After listening and having the counselors push me, I began to realize that everyone there was in the same boat as I was, and I didn’t need to try getting sober alone.
, Naperville Feb 25, 2011

Drug Rehab Naperville helped me clear my head
Drug Rehab Naperville helped me clear my head, gave me time to think, and put me in a healthier state of mind. I required several days in detox, which helped to ease the symptoms of withdrawal, but didn’t 'cure' me. Their facility is concentrated on recovery, why you need treatment, and the best way to function within the 'real world’ without using. The employees and therapists at Drug Rehab Naperville are there to help you, however it's essential to give in to their suggestions.
, Naperville Jul 27, 2012

I’m sober and healthy today.
Rehab gives you the chance to end the self-destruction! Not going into rehab just ensures that you will continue abusing drugs or alcohol, and you won't get anywhere in life aside from on the street or in prison. There are a lot of people that you've caused pain and pushed away because of drugs or alcohol; with rehab you'll be able to get back their trust and get back your relationships. Drug Rehab Naperville gave me back hope that I might have a happier life, and I can’t believe how thankful I am. It’s because of them that I’m sober and healthy today.
, Naperville Jan 2, 2011

There’s no place for an ego in recovery
Prepare to be humble, since there’s no place for an ego in recovery. It was very necessary for me to regain my family’s love, and Drug Rehab Naperville has programs that help your family members learn about addiction, and how they can reconnect with you and assist you after rehab. I think that if I hadn’t finally called Drug Rehab Naperville’s hotline and asked for help, then I would never have my life back. I’m so extremely thankful.
, Naperville May 9, 2011

All you must do is call Drug Rehab Naperville.
All you must do is call Drug Rehab Naperville and ask for help, and the staff there will take responsibility for almost everything to get you into the program. I thought they were better than those big rehab facilities with tons of addicts, since you get to live in an extremely beautiful, comfortable house. Since there’s only ten of you, plus staff, it’s easy to get to know your housemates and trust them enough to open up. Everything about the house is nice, and the food is absolutely wonderful too.
, Naperville Feb 8, 2012

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